Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Day at the Park

Beautiful weather Saturday so I headed to the park with the boys. They are always alot of fun to take anywhere together as their personalities are so different. Caleb is cautious and always watching out for little brother. Full of questions and wondering what lies around every corner. Jacob on the other hand runs headlong into everything he does. He wanted to catch birds, run into the water and pick up goose crap.....what a handful. Caleb chose the direction we would go and thought this area looked like a magic forest.

I of course thought this was a great chance to practice shooting photos in the harsh mid-day light as well. I hate the noon light and would much rather shoot closer to the golden hours but it is still too cold for that. The boys thought this fence was the coolest thing ever and had to climb all over it. Mom probably wouldn't have liked this but it was a guys day out....what the heck!

This photo probably best shows the spirit of these brothers. Jacob...always laughing. Caleb serious and thoughtful. They loved these big stone benches and played here for quite awhile. I am anxious for better weather so I can spend more time out with these little guys. We left Albertson Park after this and went to Ann Morrison for awhile. The boys loved playing on the slides and climbing on the toys. Jacob hated the swings and Caleb as always was right at his brothers side.

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